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Swim Team FAQs
Swim Team FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


What should I bring to a meet?
Your swimmer, lawn chairs, sun block, food, warm clothes if cool weather is expected, some money for concession stands.

What should a swimmer bring to a meet?
A swim-suit, cap, goggles, towels, sun block, warm clothing if the night will be chilly, something to read or play with, food and drinks, maybe a little money.

What is a dual meet?

A dual meet is a swim meet against one other team.  There will be a “warm-up” period and the actual meet starts around 6:15pm. For home meets swimmers arrive around 4:45. For away meets, they arrive around 5:15. It usually lasts several hours depending on the size of each team. The coaches decide the events for each swimmer.

What is an invitational?

An invitational meet gives swimmers the chance to swim against many other swimmers on other teams. Sometimes the invitationals are split by ages. As they are optional an entrance fee (not included in your team dues) is required to participate. Swimmers can choose their own events for invitationals.

What is Senior Champs?

Senior champs is open to all swimmers ages 13+. It is a chance for swimmers to compete against all teams at once.

What is “A” Champs?

A Champs is for swimmers ages 12 and under who qualify for a specifc event with a specific time. Those who qualify will race against all other teams in our leage. Qualifying times will be posted as the season progresses.

What is “B” Champs?

B Champs is for swimmers ages 12 and under to compete against all other teams in our league in events that they did not qualify for A Champs.

How will I know what my child is swimming during the dual meet?

Coaches will send out an email detailing all entries before the meet.

What is an event?
It is the age group, length and stroke being swum.

What is a heat?
It is the placement in the event that a swimmer is assigned. This is usually assigned based on a swimmers time. This allows the swimmers to compete against swimmers of comparable skill levels.

What is an exhibition heat?
It is a heat being where the contestant swims for time and not for score.

What is a live heat?
It is a heat that counts for overall team score.

What is a DQ?
It is a disqualification. Swimmers disqualify themselves when they are not swimming a stroke according to USS/league rules. Every swimmer DQs as they learn to swim the various strokes.

Does my child have to dive off the blocks?
No, if a swimmer is not comfortable going off the blocks he/she may jump or dive from the side of pool along side the block


Is there practice when it rains?

Yes! If it is raining there will be practice. In the event the it is pouring rain, and the lifeguards can not see clearly, practice may be pause. In the event of thunder and lighteneing, practice will be paused. Thunder and lightening is followed by a mandatory 30 min calm period where there is no further inclement weather. Practice can then resume.

Is there a meet when it rains?

Yes! Just like with practice, we race in the rain and follow the same guidelines for lighteing and thunder. This may result in the delays either before or during the meet.


When should swimmers arrive to practice?

Swimmers should arrive 10 minutes early and be on deck at the start of their practice time.

What practice group should my child join?

Please refer to our practice page to learn more about our practice groups.

What should my swimmer bring to practice?

Swimmers need goggles, a water bottle, and a towel.

How often should my swimmer attend practice?

While we do not have a minimum practice requirement, we believe that your swimmer gets out what they put in. 

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