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Volunteer Hours

Volunteer Points 


All families must have a parent or guardian participate by volunteering to help run the meet. There are a variety of jobs available for meets home and away. Each family will need to earn a number of points (to be determined) for the season. Typically one job equals one point.


Volunteer Jobs Descriptions


Timer: This is the most popular meet job among both new and experienced swim parents. You use a stopwatch to time the swimmer in your assigned lane. There are typically three timers per lane, and the median of the times is used as the official time (or as backup for electronic timing systems).

Set up/Tear Down: Prior to and after each home meet, volunteers prepare the pool (remove/replace ladders, hang/take down backstroke flags, etc.), and arrange the deck (move tables and chairs).  

Snack Bar: Volunteers set-up, man, and tear down the concessions table at all home meets. 

Line Up: Volunteers ensure the swimmers are lined up in the appropriate lanes at each swim meet.  They also oversee the area where the swimmers wait immediately prior to their event.

Meet Officials: The Stroke and Turn Judges and Starter/Referee are present at all competitions to enforce the technical rules of swimming that ensure the competition is fair and equitable.  These officials attend training at a free clinic before officiating at meets. The Starter is responsible for beginning the race and ensuring that all swimmers are given a fair and equitable start. Stroke and Turn Judges are responsible for observing the swimmers performing their strokes and turns to ensure that all swimmers obey all the rules for the stroke that they are swimming.

Finish Judges: These judges stand at the end of the pool and observe the end of the race. They help decide the order in which the swimmers finished the event (i.e., who won).

Announcer: Responsible for announcing events, results, and scores throughout the meet.

Scoring Table: Scorers from each team record the results following each race, and track the team scores. There can be some pressure at the table, and the job requires knowledge of the computer program used for the computerized scoring system. 

50/50: Sell 50-50 tickets to all attendees of the meet.

Runner: After each race, the runner collects the times from the timers in each lane, and takes them to the scoring table.

Swimmer’s Snack: Responsible for providing the snacks for the swimmers at the end of each meet. 

Ribbon Distribution: Give Heat Winner ribbons to each 1st place finish for each heat in all 8&under and 10&under heats



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